Woodward Services

Alberta Governor is the Authorized Service Facility and Full-Service Distributor Woodward products and services in western Canada.

We provide service and maintenance for your Woodward products in our facility, or we can make field calls to your location.

We provide support in the following areas:

  • Sales Support (quotes, product information, purchase or pre-sale technical support)
  • Field Services (commissioning, troubleshooting, in-plant repairs)
  • Product Training (how to apply, configure, commission, troubleshoot or service products)
  • Repairs or Repair Services
  • Replacement Parts
  • Technical Support and Product Troubleshooting
  • Upgrades and Retrofits of Your Control System

Servicing Options

Replacement/Exchange (24-hour service)

Replacement/Exchange is a premium program designed for the user who is in need of immediate service. It allows you to request and receive a like-new replacement unit in minimum time (usually within 24 hours of the request), providing a suitable unit is available at the time of the request, thereby minimizing costly downtime. This is a flat-rate program.

This option allows you to call your Full-Service Distributor in the event of an unexpected outage, or in advance of a scheduled outage, to request a replacement control unit. If the unit is available at the time of the call, it can usually be shipped out within 24 hours. You replace your field control unit with the like-new replacement and return the field unit to the Full-Service Distributor. Charges for the Replacement/Exchange service are based on a flat rate plus shipping expenses. You are invoiced the flat rate replacement/exchange charge plus a core charge at the time the replacement unit is shipped. If the core (field unit) is returned within 60 days, a credit for the core charge will be issued.

Flat Rate Repair

Flat Rate Repair is available for the majority of standard mechanical products in the field. This program offers you repair service for your products with the advantage of knowing in advance what the cost will be.

Flat Rate Manufacture

Flat Rate Remanufacture is very similar to the Flat Rate Repair option with the exception that the unit will be returned to you in “like-new” condition. This option is applicable to mechanical products only.

Recognized Engine and Turbine Retrofitters

In addition to providing standard servicing of Woodward products, we also provide retrofitting services for engines and turbines. We are the only company to hold Woodward Recognized Engine Retrofitter (RER) and Recognized Turbine Retrofitter (RTR) certifications in western Canada. This certification qualifies us to apply advanced engine controls to older model engines and turbines, allowing you to meet regulatory standards and improve efficiency without having to purchase new equipment. Our team will work with you to determine what is possible and most efficient for your equipment and operations.

To set up servicing for your Woodward products, please contact us.