Digital Transfer Switch Controls

Digital transfer switch controls provide control for transferring from source of power to another, and are typically used as part of a genset control package.

Alberta Governor provides the following digital transfer switch controls:

Woodward DTSC-50 Automatic Transfer Switch Controller

Woodward's DTSC-50 digital transfer switch controller is an economical controller for open-transition ATS control for emergency stand-by applications with a single generator. When the DTSC-50 detects a utility failure, it commands the generator to start and transfers the load to the emergency source. The DTSC-50 performs an open-transition re-transfer when utility power is restored, allowing the engine to cool down before stopping.

Features include:

  • AMF/loss of mains auto start/stop
  • Open transition transfer
  • Auto/manual operation
  • Remote Start input
  • "Lock in Auto mode" input
  • "Lock in Manual mode" input
  • Utility-to-Generator applications
  • True R.M.S. voltage sensing
  • LEDs for source availability and breaker status
  • Freely configurable discrete I/O
  • Adjustable timers
  • Fully-enclosed housing
  • Removable terminal blocks
  • Internal breaker interlock utilizing discrete inputs for breaker position detection
  • PC and/or front display configuration
  • Password protection
  • Eventlog (15 Events)
  • UL/cUL Listed

Woodward DTSC-200 Automatic Transfer Switch Controller

Woodward's DTSC-200 is the ultimate control for new ATS (automatic transfer switch) builds and retrofits. A complete measurement and protection package, it easily configures to Utility-to-Generator, Generator-to-Generator, or Utility-to-Utility systems for open, delayed, or closed-transition transfer with synch-check to ensure the smoothest possible transfer.

Features include:

  • For ATS control using circuit breakers or latching contactors
  • Open, delayed or closed transition transfer
  • In-Phase monitoring (synch check) for all transition types
  • LogicsManager programmable logic functions eliminate relay logic or PLC's
  • FlexApp technology for Main-Gen, Gen-Gen or Main-Main applications
  • FlexRange true R.M.S. voltage, current and power sensing
  • DynamicsLCD flexible, multifunctional display
  • LEDs for source availability and breaker status
  • Freely configurable, expandable discrete I/O
  • Adjustable timers
  • Source selection
  • Transfer/return inhibit
  • Extended parallel
  • Load shed and restore
  • Engine exerciser (load/no-load) routine with fully adjustable interval
  • PC and/or front display configuration
  • CANopen / Modbus RTU
  • 6.5 to 40.0 Vdc powered
  • CE marked, Ghost-R
  • UL/cUL Listed