Alberta Governor carries a selection of Woodward ignition systems. The team at our full-service shop is available to service ignition systems, either onsite or at locations within our service area.

We currently carry the following ignition systems:

Woodward IC-100 CD Ignition System

Woodward’s ignition systems offer a solution for all types of modern gas engines. Woodward’s ignition systems meet today’s requirements for modern gas engines, ranging from smart inductive coil to high energy AC ignition systems.

The IC-100 is a microprocessor-controlled, spark capacitive discharge ignition system capable of supplying ignition energy for a wide range of gas engines with 1 to 8 cylinders.

The number of cylinders and the corresponding firing pattern, as well as the trigger disc configuration, are programmed individually.

Features include:

  • User programmable
  • RS-232 and CAN communications
  • Manually programmable energy allows adaptability to varying gas quality
  • High energy system
  • Programmable overspeed protection
  • Adjustable energy levels could improve spark plug life
  • CE Compliant

Woodward IC-920/IC-922 Ignition Controllers

Woodward’s IC-910 and IC-920 CD (capacitive discharge) ignition systems provide the essential high-energy spark needed for lean-burn engines that operate at higher mean effective pressures and with larger cylinder bore sizes.

Features include:

  • User-adjustable energy levels for precise spark control and optimum plug life
  • Ultra-high energy available — 170 mJ (IC-920) or 340 mJ (IC-922) — assures outstanding combustion
  • User-programmable for any industrial gas engine
  • Individual cylinder timing control
  • RS-232 ServLink interface for easy programming with Windows®-based service tool